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How It Works

Plan Your Renovation


Plan Your Project

Whether you have a dream project in mind, or just want to get some routine maintenance done, planning is always the best first step. First decide how much of the task that you want to complete with your own sweat equity and with the help of family and friends. Source the availability of materials and make a plan in advance to order them, this way they will be delivered onsite and in time for when your contractor arrives. Put your thoughts to paper and then you are ready for the next step in the renovation process.


Establish Your Renovation Path

Now that your plan is in place, you have to decide what steps need to be taken next, and what you want accomplished first. What do you need to do in advance to get your project under way? You should also decide how many different contractors you will need to complete your renovations, and how they will be able to access your property in your absence. This master plan will be the template in which you rely on. Think of it as your recipe for renovation success.


Find The Best Contractor For You

You are now ready for your project to begin, time to hire a quality and trusted contractor. Visit, choose the “Renovator Category” and your location. We will introduce you to numerous contractors who will be able to help you. With ease, you can click right through to their website and learn more about the folks that you will be trusting with your project. If you have any questions, contact them directly, and look forward to a quick response.


Choosing Who To Trust With Your Project

The hard part of any renovation project is knowing who to trust and also verifying whether you are being charged a fair price for the proposed work. Start first by asking many questions so your contractor understands the full scope of your work. Always ask for a written estimate and a few references of past clients. Check the online reviews of your contractor, and seek clarification if anything comes to your attention that makes you feel uncomfortable. Once you had made your decision, trust your contractor to get the job done as promised.


Let The Work Begin

The time has arrived, your planning is complete, your materials have arrived and you have chosen your contractor. Keep a good eye on your project, and ensure that it is all going as well as you had planned. Keep in close contact with your contractor to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible and to also answer any questions that they may have along the way. When your project is completed, enjoy your good works until you are ready for your next renovation!